Hello! My name is Evelynn and I look forward to hearing your story.

Walking through life feeling uprooted, disconnected, and not your best self is exhausting. Past stuff has a way of showing up again in current relationships, and I support people with exploring, understanding and un-doing the old stuff that’s getting in the way of your current relationships. My goal is to help you feel empowered, and have a more satisfying life and satisfying relationships. Let’s talk!

Note: Prior to March, we would meet for your intake session in my office. Since the social distancing directive has been put in place, for health and safety reasons we’ll be meeting online on a HIPAA compliant, confidential platform. During your intake phone call we’ll be discussing how to access the platform, payment, and how to get the most out of our sessions together.


I understand what it’s like to feel marginalized due to your identity, and my goal is to provide a responsive and affirming therapeutic space, where you feel understood in order to build resiliency and uncover your strengths.

About me

I am LatinX (pronouns: she/her/ella), Mexican-American, born in California and a daughter, wife, and mother.

I have been a practicing therapist in Oakland for the past 6 years and believe that therapy should be a truly collaborative, genuine, and personal encounter. I have practiced with a wide range of people including children, youth, adults, and parents with diverse backgrounds, on a variety of topics. I’m a social justice advocate, and passionate about working with people from marginalized communities to support healing in traumatized communities. I enjoy coffee, cooking, dancing and reading.

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Licensing info

Licensed marriage and family therapist in California – LMFT 111778


My services include individual counseling for adults and teens. My clients enjoy my authentic and real approach, and you can expect to feel like you’re talking to a real person that gets it.

All are welcome in my practice, and my goal is to work with you and collaborate on what healing looks like in the context of your background and identity. I especially welcome those looking for a therapist that gets what it’s like to navigate this world while also dealing with having a marginalized identity.

  • *Relationship issues (romantic partner, family, dating)
  • *Trauma: (Intergenerational, racial, community violence, etc)
  • *Difficult family dynamics
  • *Issues impacting People of Color
  • *Ethnic/Racial/Cultural identity exploration
  • *Depression
  • *Anxiety
  • *Self-esteem

Have questions about these topics? Contact me to schedule a 15 minute conversation to discuss how I may be able to support you with your specific needs.


  • Master of Arts, Counseling-Marriage and Family Therapy – St. Mary’s College of California
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science – University of California, Berkeley
  • *Community-based therapist within Alameda County
  • *School-based therapist in Oakland Unified School District
  • *Outpatient grief and bereavement clinic-therapist
  • Licensed marriage and family therapist – CA MFT 111778

Scheduling & Fees

Individual session (50 minutes) – $150 / Couples (75 minutes) – $190 Extended sessions are prorated at this rate.

In efforts to make therapy more accessible, I do offer a sliding scale upon need. Please inquire about availability.

For health and safety reasons we’ll be meeting online on a HIPAA compliant, confidential platform. During your intake phone call we’ll be discussing how to access the platform, payment, and how to get the most out of our sessions together.

Email me at evelynn@evelynnhernandezbrown.com to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss working together. I look forward to hearing your story.

Video and phone sessions

All sessions are now via secure video connection. With telemedicine (teletherapy), you can attend sessions from your any confidential location with an internet connection.

The video conferencing software is secure and HIPAA-compliant. The email address I have on file will receive a link prior to your scheduled appointment. If you plan to use a smartphone, you will be prompted to download an app first.

Please make sure you are in a private location that allows you to have the same level of concentration and openness you show in our in-person sessions. I remain committed to continuing care and helping you reach your therapy goals.


I do not currently accept insurance but many individuals use their PPO insurance plans to be reimbursed for cost of sessions. Please contact your insurance company if you have any questions about working with an out-of-network provider, and your terms of coverage. You may also use FSA or HSA to pay for sessions. (See the American Psychological Association’s guide for more information about coverage.)